Hair Colour Questions

Hair Colour Questions

I specialise in colouring and cutting hair and get asked a lot of questions about hair colour so I wanted to list a few popular questions and answers .

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I’ve never had my hair coloured by you before, can you do it today?

If you have come into The Cut in Croxley and someone else within the salon has given you a skin test for the relevant colour brand or I have skin tested you myself (both within the last 6 months) then I will be able to colour your hair.

If you have not been skin tested with the relevant colour brand unfortunately I will not be able to colour your hair today.

*please note private salon clients must be skin tested by myself 

What is a skin test and why do I need one?

A skin test must be carried out before I can provide any colour service a minimum of 48 hours before your colour is applied.

A small amount of colour is applied to the crease of your arm to see if you are allergic to the product, the colour must remain there for 40 minutes, if you haven’t reacted in 48 hours the colour service can go ahead.

This MUST be carried out for safety and insurance reasons and no colour service can be carried out without a skin test.

I’ve coloured my hair lots of times do I still need a skin test?

Yes, unless I have coloured your hair personally in the last 6 months a skin test must be carried out.

Do I need a consultation before I have a colour?

A face to face consultation is normally needed especially if it is your first appointment with me. This is to ensure the colour you desire can be achieved on your hair, to quote an accurate price and book an appropriate time slot.

If you are a regular client and we have discussed your colour options previously this may not be needed.

What will happen during my colour consultation?

I will determine what colour is required to achieve the look you would like and how how we will get there.

I will then be able to book an appropriate appointment for you and let you know the best way to create the look you want.

I will also advise you on what colours will suit you and work alongside you to come up with a colour plan that suits both you and your lifestyle.

I’m unsure what I want/what suits me can you help?

Yes of course I can, I have been colouring hair for many years and would discuss this with you fully during the consultation.

What is an Olaplex colour upgrade service?

Olaplex is a revolutionary product that I add in to any colour service, it keeps your hair strong and healthy by actually relinking bonds in the hair that are broken down by the colour.

Olaplex lets me achieve colours that may not have been possible and in many cases the hair feels healthier after a colour than it did before!

I love the silver and pastel hair trend, can you do this to my hair?

I get asked this a lot, this may well be achievable but there are a few things to consider..

  • This may not be achievable in one session and may need to be something that is achieved over the next few appointments.
  • This is not a simple colour process and takes a lot of applications of colour to achieve. It will be a long appointment and will be priced accordingly. It is most certainly not a “full head colour” application even if the end result is one all over colour.
  • You will need to invest time and money in your hair, these colours are high maintenance, the hair will need to be bleached very light before this can be achieved and you must look after your hair well afterwards by following guidelines and using the correct professional products. If you do not your hair may become very dry and unmanageable and can even lead to breakage.
  • These type of colours fade quickly to the light blonde shade underneath, to maintain them a toner will need to be applied, sometimes as often as once a week.

Help! I’ve coloured my hair the wrong colour can you correct it?

It’s ok, you can relax, there is probably something that can be done to help you. I would need to have a consultation and see your hair but we should be able to correct it depending on the condition and the desired effect.

Do you do Balayage?

Yes I do! 

It is worth remembering that not all images you see labeled “balayage” are actually what they say they are.

Balayage is a natural look that can build up lightness over time.

Balayage is a french word for sweeping, this means the lightner is painted on to the hair using a sweeping technique. It creates a natural look and you do not get as much lightness as you would by traditionally foiling the hair.

Sometimes I create a “balayage effect” for a lighter look than you could get with traditional balayage by foiling the hair using a babylight technique followed by a colour melt which blends the root area to the ends from a darker to lighter shade. 

You can see many examples of traditional balayage and balayage effect in the Colour Work section of my portfolio or on instagram @sarahdaglishhair

Should I have a full head colour or highlights?

There are advantages to having either depending on the look you want to achieve. Some looks require highlights and some require a full head of colour, whereas others can be made up of both. When you have your consultation I can advise you which option is best for you. When it comes to hair colouring there is most definitely not one rule that fits all!

Do you keep up to date with the latest trends?

In a word… Yes! I love to learn, I am constantly learning, going on courses and follow so many other hairdressers on Instagram! I am state registered, a member of the freelance hairdressers association and have partnered with Wella and Davines so I can keep on top of the latest trends within the industry.

How do I book a colour appointment?

If you haven’t had a hair colour with Sarah before you will need to book in for a consultation and allergy test, You can either book online,  text on 07511757133 or email and request an appointment or consultation.