Hair Extension FAQs

Hair Extension Questions

I am qualified to an NVQ standard in hair extensions and I’m also a certified Beauty Works Stylist.

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What type of hair extensions do you provide?

I specialise in a type of hair extensions called LA Weaves.

What is an LA Weave?

Between 2 – 4 rows are created along the head using micro rings making a secure base to attach a weft hair extension to.

The weft extension is sewn on to the micro ring base to secure the hair in place lasting up to 8 weeks before it needs reinstalling.

How long will my LA Weave last?

Whist the hair can last for many months with the right aftercare the weft will need removing and reinstalling every 8 weeks to avoid matting.

Find out more about after care here.

What brand of hair do you use?

I use hair from two companies.

The first is Beauty Works, this is a premium brand at the top end of the price range.

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The Second is Transform, Transform has a lower price option.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost can vary, on average they will cost between £260 to £750 all together depending on hair choice, desired look and length.

The hair alone can cost anything from £140 £600 depending on whether you were just looking to create some volume or you wanted super long thick locks!

On average it costs £120 to fit and cut/blend the extensions (price may vary depending on hair thickness) this does not include the price of the hair.

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I’ve been quoted much cheaper hair extensions elsewhere, why do you charge more?

There are 2 answers to this question.

The first is the hair I use with Beauty Works is great quality and can last a long time with the right after care.

The second is I am a hairdresser with over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Unfortunately the hair extension industry is not licensed or regulated meaning anyone can go on an day course having never worked on a client’s head of hair, get a qualification and start practicing the next day. Crazy but true!

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

There is no reason that with the right application of your extensions and the right maintenance and after care your hair should get damaged at all.

After care is essential. If you do not look after your hair extensions correctly you can cause damage in between appointments.

Find out more about after care here.

Can anyone have hair extensions?

Unfortunately hair extensions aren’t for everyone.

If your hair is excessively oily extensions will not be appropriate, also it is not advisable to fit hair extensions more than double the length of your natural hair.

Hair extensions can not be fitted if you are pregnant, suffer from hair loss, have a scalp condition such as eczema or psoriasis or your hair is too weak to support the extensions.

A full consultation will be carried out to make sure hair extensions are suitable for you.

Can I go on holiday with hair extensions?

Of course you can, however you may not want to get your hair extensions wet and if you do you will want to wash any sea or pool water straight out and make sure the root area is dried and not left wet.

It is advisable to keep your hair extensions out of excessive sunshine, I always advise wearing a hat.

Will people know I am wearing extensions?

Of course if people see your hair has grown 10 inches over night they might work it out! Apart from that they shouldn’t be able to tell.

Your hair extensions will be fitted away from the hairline with enough of your natural hair left out to hide the weft.

Are hair extensions for me?

Hair extensions are high maintenance and not for everyone, they take time and patience and must be looked after properly. You must also commit to having your LA Weave reinstalled every 8 weeks.

Can I have my hair extensions done on the same day as my consultation?

Unfortunately not.

At the consultation we will colour match your hair and discuss the best length and hair type for you.

If you decide to go ahead with the hair extension fitting a deposit will be taken for the full price of the hair the deposit is non refundable as the hair can not be returned.

The remaining balance will be charged on the day of the fitting.

This all sounds great what happens next?

If you think an LA weave is the perfect hair extension for you and would like to book in for a consultation feel free to contact me and I can get you booked in.