Prestige Hair Extensions

Sarah provides LA Weave extensions using Prestige hair (available hair types listed below)

The price for extensions will vary depending on the thickness of your own hair and the cost of the hair needed to create your desired look (please note the prices below do not include hair fitting or cutting and blending)

Prestige Remy AAAAAA grade

Length = 16 – 22 inch

Price range = £88 – £114 per 60g pack (excluding delivery and fitting)

*please note 2-3 packs of hair will be required for a full head

What Prestige say

Our revolutionary new Flat Wefts have zero return hair and minimal to no shedding. They are made with the highest quality hair sourced from regions around the Russian and Mongolian borders. Only donor hair that has never undergone chemical processing or colouring is used by our expert manufacturers. This ensures the hair will be the very best quality attainable after dying to match our colour ring. We are giving this hair an estimated lifespan of 6-12 months with good aftercare and may extend this estimate further in future. Our Wefts our Double Drawn meaning they have twice had shorter hairs removed making the ends thicker than single drawn hair. Double Drawn does not mean all hairs are the same length. Longer lengths like 20-22 inch have a higher proportion of shorter hairs naturally and also will feel thinner gram for gram compared to a 16 inch weft of the same weight. Please remember every ponytail collected is different so some variation is normal.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service and quality assurance, ensuring that when you select our brand you are provided with a consistent, high quality shopping experience. These values remain at the core of our business, as we continue to expand our product ranges we regularly consult our customers and value all feedback provided.

For questions about hair extensions please visit Hair Extension FAQs